The Perfect Sunday Bike….’a day out for $15!!’ As HARD or as EASY as you like..

DSCN1166It could be said it’s like an Indian Takeaway…’Hot & Spicey’ fullfilling but one fart and your hungry again!!!

BUT alas this is most certainly NOT the case, as the NEW Continental GT is the bike that will keep on giving for years to come.

Another beautiful sunday ride around the Mt Molloy Circuit was a beauty..

Our shop bike has now just 1700kms on it and will pull redline in 1,2,3 which gives around 120kph, as more k’s are done 4 should give 135 and 5 around 145/148 i reckon…138 kph is already achievable…..(ON closed private course.)

For those who want something that actually goes around it is for JUST $9500 with bar-end mirrors ($250) and sports pipe ($285) registered ready to love…..extras are limited time ONLY..end Xmas 2014.


The day or rather the morning costs just $15 with an Iced Coffee/Kitcat break and petrol…you can’t get breakfast for that at your yuppy cafe….Cafe Racer means just that…get out and race the pickhandles off it, all at safe non threatening speeds.

Pic shows our bike and a sibling, made with all extras, ordered and delivered as a 40 birthday present..boy is that lucky wife going to get some long term loving..




A Quik Day Out…$20.18..Intuitive Steering..Gallons of Grunt…

A beautiful Sunday morn and REDROY was excited about trying out some new accesories.
The pics tell the story, down to G’Vale, up the Gillies 249 corners, across the tableland via Kairi and down the HWay to Smithfield and home again.

This new GT has just 1400kms on it and keeps getting better by the km.
It handles like it knows where to go, so light thru corners, with bundles of useable 2, 3rd and 4th gear torque between 3 and 4500rpm to keep anyone honest. It eats the Gillies, is great at 105kph and cost bugger all to run with the morning costing $20.18 with a coffee and picnic and i have 3/4’s of a tank of fuel left.
Installed see new mini GIVI screen…it works a treat, although wind noise is up as a low pressure area now sits behind sreen..handlebar pressure is greatly reduced at highway speed and that was the aim…screen does’t move and for $200 its money well spent.
Bar end mirrors are factory items and are the best I’ve ever had. Clear vibration free and a quality bit of billet aluminium. $125 ea.
Sports pipe is fantastic, not loud and annoying as most ‘landships’ wear, but sweet and burbling, with some georgeous ‘popping’ on the overrun coming down the ranges. $295 fitted.
This bike is the ‘best i’ve ever owned and ridden’., its perfect for you old farts or you new farts  who still have some flexibility left and want a very low maintainence sports machine, that looks so sweet and will last you a lifetime.

SideCars to The Top of The World!

Some sit around all day drinking Lattes and reading bike mags, we get out there and experience what Queensland and its nature can thro at us.

Here’s a pic of ‘RoyCar’ at the ‘Top of the World’ as we know it. Well the highest road in Queensland on the Queens Bday weekend just gone…The day is typical of this road with visability around  500m, but as is our luck, on the return trip, vis was about 5meters and raining.

If ever there was a test of ‘Enfield’ modern day electrics it was the 160km WET ride from Innot Hot springs to Cairns. The bike performed faultlessly, our RJ’s wet weathers never let a drop get past and our spa at home never felt so good after a very hairy, slippery and discomfortig journey.

On a clear day!

On a clear day!

The Sunday Sechhh! $25 Total…

Car drivers go places, and the car is just the conveyance to the place of enjoyment, motorcycle riders do it for the ride and the end place is a bonus.
Car drivers will never ever know the connection that a motorcycle rider has to the road, and thats precisely why they are the ‘devil in disguise’ and should be avoided at all cost.
Sundays beautiful autum weather was perfect for coffee and cake and a trip round Mt Molloy as i heap the kms on ‘REDROY’ the Continental GT. Just 800 so far, so half run in.
Here’s the breif tally of whats out there and i wasn’t really counting, these where just too obvious..
City traffic is phones/ inability to merge/ no blinkers etc.
Coast road had plenty on non courteous drivers not pulling over in brief overtaking lanes,lazy drivers crossing double lines, drivers speeding up these areas as if a bike is going to slow their journey down milliseconds, heaps of illegal u turns at Ellis Beach cafe, there will be deaths here soon!
Mulligan Highway to Mareeba and Cairns is now full of fwit 4wds heading to cape, and those returning have loose bits falling of these landships as they travel at 120kph plus….NOT A COPPER IN SIGHT. Motorhomes should be banned from daytime use on Highways as these people think its ok to have a cuppa and watch days of our lives as they travel our roads.

A Sunday ride in FNQ can be very hazardous, but be observant and take it easy and you will enjoy the best bike roads and scenery in oz….make sure you do it on an ENFIELD and smell the roses.

And yea, the GT is beginning to open up, with an easy haul to 75mph feeling unfussed. brakes and tyres are so good, and the best part is is exclusive to me…..thats right, this is the ONLY GT in FNQ and its the will never know!

ARRIVING NEXT WEEK..Mid March..Cairns 1ST Continental GT 535 Cafe.

After much worldwide fanfare, we here in Cairns will finally get to experience The NEW ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL GT Cafe Racer.Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-cafe-racer

‘BOOK A LOOK’ Today on 40322622.

This machine will be ‘IONIC’ to the motorcycle industry, just as the 250 released in the 60’s was.

Sorry there is a wait of approx 2 mths at the moment for delivery, so get in NOW and your sunday’s will never be the same.

Its $9990 Rideaway in Cairns.

Accesories will slowly come to hand, such as sports pipe/ bar end mirrors/ dual seat.

Its comes in British ‘RED’ only.

Come and see us at our NEW SHOWROOM at 116 Hoare St Manunda.Bunty_Golightly Poster

ROYAL ENFIELD Cairns has a NEW HOME…116 HOARE ST.,Manunda..40322622

After selling/ servicing and repairing ROYAL ENFIELD motorcycles for 3.5 years now, we have finally moved to larger premises, so we can better present and provide for this great ‘old school’ motorcycle.

We shall be carrying the full range of 5 bikes, including the NEW ‘CONTINENTAL GT 535’ that is due any day now and will be just under $10000 rideaway….The interest in this new bike is outstanding with the 1st 2 containers of 70 bikes already spoken for. You will need to order to get one in the 1st 6 mths…

We carry spares and consumables for the New efi bikes, can do all your repairs and servicing is fixed at just $89 plus parts.

World ‘1 Ride Day’ is fast approaching, so if you have an Enfield, old or new, and would like a FREE ALL expenses day out, contact Greg asap……1st sunday in April is Royal Enfield 1 ride day worldwide..its huge and time Cairns commenced participating….FREE Breakfast…FREE lunch…FREE Freindship…FREE Good times……ENFIELDS ONLY…NO backup ute..your bike must do the 300kms round trip unaided, so get it ready NOW.

In just 5 working days from opening we have sold 2 new RE’s…so don’t delay.

Come see our new shop…Come to our NEW SHOP Opening…Come to the launch of the new GT, all at 116 Hoare St., Manunda.


Full Range Now on Display In Cairns.

Royal photo shoot 005Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-cafe-racerFollowing on the worldwide success of the NEW ROYAL ENFIELD bikes, we now have up to 5 bikes across the range ready to go NOW!

B5 $7980 Rideaway

G5 $8750 Rideaway

C5 Classic $9290 Rideaway   NEW SILVER NOW IN!

C5 Chrome $9590 Rideaway  This is the best seller! Chrome Black IN STOCK.

These are ex Cairns prices and are the same as down south..we absorb the freight and you get a bargin..

The hotly awaited CONTINENTAL GT 535 is immenent, and being released worldwide very soon…sorry no change out of $10000 is anticipated..this will be a HOT seller and waiting lists are already growing.

1 Only Demo 2012 Military C5 to clear at $1000 off till sold or June 2013 ends.

Army C5 with all accesoriesBullet Classic RHS ThumnailRoyal Enfield Cairns always has a Demo bike available and a couple of time a year we sell these at greatly reduced $$$ to make room for new models/ colour coming…

We have in fact 2 demo c5 to go at $1000 off RRP, so that means instead of $8990 rideaway, these 2 are $7990 rideaway, they are 2012 current models with very low kms and full warranties of 2 years.

This is a BLOG ONLY SPECIAL and you must mention this page when buying!!!!

This is Cairns delivery only, so if you are interstate or down south from us, be prepared to pick it up or arrange your own transporting.

The military you see here has various accesories fitted, the bike for sale does not. You can do that.

Coming are new colours for c5 & B5 range and they will be at $8990 Rideaway…huge value in todays bike market of LAMS approved bikes.

Carberry’s Visit Cairns


DSCN0772If there ever was a rare motorcycle its the 1000cc Enfield Carberry.
There are just 20 of these bikes, were built here in OZ and are truely a work of passion by Paul Carberry in Victoria.
Pictured is Mal and Bruce’s bikes as they prepare to leave Cairns, after spending time at ‘The Royal Enfield Hilton’, and are now heading to the Gulf and Karumba so Mal can let loose in the ‘Animal Bar’. He may never leave.

Rumour has it , 1 will soon be coming to  a new owner in Kuranda???

Tablelands Tour. Royson’s Biggest Ride Yet.

Royson at Milla Milla falls. Proof an Enfield can leave the city limits.

Royson at Milla Milla falls. Proof an Enfield can leave the city limits.

Royson and a field of cha...feeling right at home.

Royson and a field of cha…feeling right at home.

With just 910kms on the dial it was time to give Royson the bickkies and see what he is made of…would he carry 2 people & the Inder sidecar, 300kms around the tablelands, doing the southern route.???
I will admit, it would be challenge for just a 500c motor, but what’s the use of something that just looks so good in the shed..IT HAS TO PERFORM.
Off we went to the Coffee Club in Innisfail for eggs benny, after topping up a Gordonvale we arrived comfortably in Isfail an hour later, cruising at 80-90kph. Royson was loving it, however we cast a glance towrds the clouded mountains of Milla Milla, realising that if its raining anywhere it will be there, and decided to go anyway.
Some of the grades up the Palmerston Highway are challenging, and seen Royson pulling 3 rd gear at around 60kph, but never missed a beat, defeating the hills and rolling into Milla Milla falls quite admirably.
Next stop was thru to Mareba, and it was done easily, coasting down some of the hills around 95kph and keeping everything under control.
For those who have never piloted an outfit, there is NO REST on backroads as every camber change or surface irregularity will have you correcting continuously.
Another coffee stop at the coffee work in Mareeba, just to sahke of some road noise, then down the highway to Cairns via Kuranda range.
The trip down the range was much better this time, than our 1st outing. The outfit is well and truely settled and handled the windies very well. The Gillies will be the next challenge.
Royson’s fuel lite came on going down the range, and filling up took 11 liters for the 280kms, so whilst a sidecar and passenger add to fuel burn, its still around 25kpl, which is much less than the big boat anchors use SOLO.
A good day out, and time from point to point is not that much greater than solo riding. The piont is really about the ride, not how long it takes.
To the sceptics, yes a new Enfield CAN leave the city limits!!!